Diana L Hillis


Las Vegas-Henderson

Windermere Prestige Properties

1401 N. Green Valley Pkwy Suite 200

Henderson, NV 89074

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Office: (702) 432-4600

Mobile: (480) 600-8181

Fax: (702) 995-2002



Website: http://hillisteam1.withwre.com

License Number: 177269

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About Diana & Doug

Diana and Doug Hillis are Nevada licensed Realtors.  They are Southern California natives, with 18 years in Arizona and have lived in Nevada since 2007.   As Real Estate Agents, Diana and Doug are part of the Residential Real Estate team. 


They bring proven customer service, research and teaching skills to their Real Estate career, and are driven to provide clients with quick responses, detailed research and timely follow-through.

Diana is a leader in customer service and process management, as well as business and risk analysis, spending 30 years in retail and credit card banking operations. 

Doug's career started with service in the 82nd Airborne Division, then 5 years at Disneyland, and has continued with over 24 years in the Postal Service.  He graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Biblical Studies and has spent time volunteering at Calvary Chapel Food Pantry, facilities, leading bible studies and teaching at the Bible School.


Diana places excellent Customer Service as her first priority, which started with 5 years of experience at Disneyland.  She is passionate about instilling trust with her clients, by following through with every aspect of their needs.  

Doug is passionate about ensuring our current and previous Military personnel understand all aspects of home purchasing, including the benefits that are available.